Project Officer: Ms. Katerina Ptackova


NUCL-EU is a project funded by the European Commission under the Euratom Programme of the 7 Framework Programme. The general objective of the project is reinforcing the network of FP7 National Contact Points (NCPs) and third country contacts in the Euratom Programme.

It aims at creating an efficient, pro-active and sustainable Network for stimulating closer cooperation among all the Euratom National Contact Points.

The project has two specific objectives: the reinforcement of the Euratom NCP Network.
the enhancement of Member States and Third Countries (involvement) participation.

Transnational Workshop Transnational Workshop
During the implementation of NUCL-EU, at least 3 Transnational Workshops will be organised by 3 different NCPs...
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Partner SearchPartner Search
The "partner search" is a service that give support to all researchers or consortia with a well defined project idea...
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The aim of the trainings is to enhance the professional skills of Euratom NCPs , included the Third Countries NCPs...
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